New Voting – Update telos to become Phantom resistant?

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 By bugalaSeptember 16, 2019

It appears theres been an error in DASH coin base ever since 2017, however, it wasn’t such a problem until now, since now someone has released a tool to utilize this error and create so-called Phantom nodes to the network.

Now don’t get worried yet, as Dev pointed out this is more of an ethical question in nature rather than a big problem.

These Phantom nodes appear to the network as nodes when they actually are not. The idea with running a node is that node has a copy of the blockchain and helps the network. These Phantom nodes, however, do not have a copy of the blockchain, but instead, they take all the necessary info directly from explorer to spoof as a node.

However, these Phantom nodes do require having the collateral still, making the problem much more minor since they can’t really affect the whole economy much. The only thing they basically do is that they don’t contribute to the network at all and from the economics point of view, only benefit they have is that they don’t need to pay a monthly cost for running the node.

However, there is now voting at if people wish Telos be updated to fix this phantom issue or not, since fixing would require forking, which is not a small thing as we saw last time in July.

One option is to fix it immediately, another is to fix it 10 months later on Telos birthday when there is planned to be another update and fork anyway and let them be until that, or the third option is to do nothing at all about them.

As an additional benefit, when making the fork as soon as possible some other things could be fixed, like blocksize increased from 100k to 200k, since 100k has already reached its limit in Devs hand a bit and, I suppose, split blockchain problem would go to history as well, unless another split would be born from this.

Also, as last benefit would be that so far Telos would be the first coin in world to become phantom resistant. Who knows, perhaps someone would even report about that.

Go voice your opinion at and while at it, why not take a look at other votes/bounties too.

Quelle: @Telosnews
Quelle: @Telosnews

17.09.2019 - 20:55

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