New Bounty to make Telos User Interface look better

 By bugalaSeptember 18, 2019

Yesterday (yep, TELOSNEWS.COM is bit late this time) there came a new bounty to

Appears that Dev is planning on updating the User Interface of Telos to Pivx3 style of User Interface, which I suppose means wallet, to look better and which will also make things work easier, like setting up Master Nodes would be easier with this.

this how setting up Master Node would look

This is a funny bounty in a sense that the Bounty sum is quite big actually, a total of 1 Million Telos. However, this bounty is happening regardless whether bounty is reached or not, that actually this bountys purpose is to be a thank you tip bounty for making us a better-looking User Interface.

Current estimated ETA for new User Interface is about 2 weeks.

At least until that you can show some goodwill and encourage also future development of Telos by showing your appreciation by giving something to the bounty.

I don’t think the amount matters as much as the number of donators. Several people putting just 1 000 or even just 100, is probably better than one putting the whole Million.

That in mind, head on to donate some Telos there.

and another what it could look like
Quelle: @Telosnews
Quelle: @Telosnews

24.09.2019 - 20:17

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