Melchionda Networks Telos Coin interview part 1 with CEO Pascal Papara

By bugalaSeptember 24, 2019

Hopefully I translated Germany right with help from Autotranslate and title is not wrong.

Melchionda Network is making a three-part interview about Telos Coin, and part 1 is already out.

Bad news, it is only in the German language. But, Youtubes auto-translate does a somewhat decent job and as long as you have some idea about Telos Coin in Advance, you are about able to follow what they are talking about.

In case you need help with turning Youtubes auto-translate on, you can check instructions from earlier TELOSNEWS.COM article about Crypto Friday

At beginning Pascal introduces himself from a time before Telos a bit, after this he tells about a Telos a lot, mentioning for example about how fundamentals are being voted once a year in a democratic way.

At the end there is something interesting too, for there is a competition where people can join by doing 4 things:

1. Like the video, 2. Share link on some social media, 3. write on videos comments that you want to join the draw and 4. Subscribe to Melchionda Network Youtube Channel.

And the prize? One will be picked by random and become an owner of a 10k Node, I suppose, from Peertoro.

Join the competition, watch the video, and spread the link until the next part comes out and the winner is announced. Not sure when, but I think it mentioned a week later.

Quelle: @Telosnews
Quelle: @Telosnews

24.09.2019 - 21:13

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