Lucky Sevens Monday article: “Overview of lately Transcendence progress.

CEO Pascal Papara as podcast guest, TELOS Apple Wallet, How to get free TELOS and more…” is out!

 By bugalaSeptember 16, 2019

As expected, Lucky Seven has once again delivered Telos related article on this Monday too.

This time article is giving a nice roundup on what has happened lately in Telos world, so basically same stuff as TELOSNEWS.COM have already been talking about, but now in one place and in shorter form. Not to mention that whole TELOSNEWS.COM was originally inspired by Lucky Sevens previous one week round up of things that had happened at Telos land, which brought a thought of, wouldn’t it be handy having some place where all things Telos would always be gathered in such a short and handy way? And here we are full round telling here about Lucky Sevens article.

Pick where you want to read it:





Quelle: @Telosnews
Quelle: @Telosnews

17.09.2019 - 20:29

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