Evonodes added Telos to their shared pool options

By bugalaSeptember 23, 2019

As the headline says, you can now join to Shared Telos Pool on Evonodes.

Evonodes concentrates on a shared pool system. Idea is, if you would like to have 100k Telos node, but you don’t have that much Telos, you can join the Evonodes shared Telos pool to get at least a share of one.

If you put 10 percent of the coins for the master node, then you will get 10 percent of all the income of that node, or to be more precise, of the pool, since you are not putting coins just for one node, but you are investing into whole Telos pool which can mean several nodes instead of just one.

And at Evonodes it doesn’t end just there, but they are also connecting Proof of Stake in the mix too.

You put for example 20 percent of master nodes price in that pool. Now while you are waiting for the pool to fill, that money doesn’t just sit there, but it is actually staking. When enough Telos is accumulated to set up a node (I suppose 100k node), then the pool will set up a node and start collecting Telos for the next node.

In addition, profits are also automatically reinvested to this pool, making you get an accumulative effect on getting new nodes.

Because Pool will likely have more than just one node, good thing is, even if one of the nodes would for some reason fail, rest will likely still be making income, and since you own some percentage of the whole pool, and get that percentage from whole pools income, it is therefore unlikely that you would ever lose all income, but even when node fails, you will just temporarily be making a couple of percent less of income until node is back up and working.

Quelle: @Telosnews
Quelle: @Telosnews

24.09.2019 - 21:27

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