Bluephone available for Preordering

 By bugalaSeptember 8, 2019

Interestingly, we saw today an announcement from YourBrainOnBlockchain that Developer Edition of Bluephone is now available for pre-order.

YourBrainOnBlockchain itself is something TELOSNEWS.COM might dig out further and introduce to you one day, but for now, know that YourBrainOnBlockChain is supposed to be a centralised place to buy all things Telos, and lately it seems there been a lot of building happening like TELOSNEWS.COM news items have been released on YourBrainOnBlockChain-blog as well.

Since this is the first time an announcement was made by them, and of all things it was about bluephone, it might mean something.

Bluephone, as the name suggests, is a Mobile phone. Now why on earth do we need another one of those? That is because neither Google play store nor Apple store lets you release any master node running software.
Since mobiles are usually 24 hours a day turned on and connected to the internet, they would be a quite working solution for running a master node.

Now how to solve this problem?

By releasing your own mobile with Aeros as its operating system. No google play store nor apple store restrictions and people can finally get to run their nodes on the go and earn money to buy the next model when it comes out. So in the best case you buy one phone and keep buying all your phones in future with profits, get your phone bills paid and even earn some extra on top of that. Now talk of a good deal in here!

Current pre order pricing has two different prices.

699 Euros from YourBrainOnBlockChain, or 238 000 Telos from

With current Telos price that is around 800-900 Euros, so YourBrainOnBlockChains offer is pretty good, especially when taking into consideration that they have even price guarantee – If final price be lower, the overpayment will be returned, if higher, then you can choose to cancel your order or send the missing amount.

As of now, hardware specifications, and I suppose final price, is not known, since it havent been decided yet, there however should be couple of different options to choose from available in the end.

If the price sounds high, keep in mind that this price should include 100 000 Telos node in it, which alone is worth 400 Euros in the current market price.

All in phone, including nodes, however, might still change before the final release.

Quelle: @Lucky7
Quelle: @Lucky7

13.09.2019 - 21:04

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