Kryptofriday to have Telos again

You might remember that two weeks ago Fridays Kryptofriday had Pascal Papara as a special quest. Well, Telos part in Kryptofridays didn’t end there yet, since in today’s Kryptofriday, according to their own marketing post, Telos will be there again.

13.09.2019 - 21:55

Tangem Notes coming for Telos and Subsidium

Tangem Note is an interesting little product with possibility for some specific useful uses.

13.09.2019 - 21:55 bounty – Join Kiva Telos team to earn some Telos

“Give a man a fish, and he be hungry tomorrow – Teach him to fish, and he is never hungry again”

13.09.2019 - 21:41

Rumors: Third coin for Transcendence, Bluephone price drop, Vector codec for Videos

Quite a lot of talk have been happening on background that has not been news item worthy, mainly because they have not been official, yet something TELOSNEWS.COM readers will probably be interested anyway, hence this Rumors article. Nothing you read here is official unless otherwise stated, and these might, or might not happen. As of now, they are just rumors.

07.09.2019 - 22:36

Premium Buzz Backer Telos article for August

Once a month makes an article about progress in Transcendence project. This is because Transcendence is Premium Buzz Backer, and they make a monthly update on each backer. Quality of these articles vary, but it is always nice to read about Telos anyway.

07.09.2019 - 22:44

Bakkt Warehouse, eine Handelsplattform von Bakkt, akzeptiert nun Ein- und Auszahlungen in BTC

Bakkt Warehouse, ein qualifizierter Verwalter der Kryptohandelsplattform Bakkt, akzeptiert jetzt Bitcoin (BTC) Ein- und Auszahlungen von Kunden.Wie das Unternehmen am 6. September twitterte, hat Bakkt Warehouse gemäß den am 28. August bekannt gegebenen Plänen offiziell den Betrieb aufgenommen.

07.09.2019 - 22:07

Mysteriös: Warum Google-Suchen nach “BTC” explodieren, Suchen nach “Bitcoin” jedoch nicht

Die Google-Suchanfragen zu Bitcoin (BTC) zeigen in den letzten Tagen eine seltsame Entwicklung. Normalerweise bewegen sich die Anfragen zu den Stichwörtern “Bitcoin” und “BTC” relativ synchron zueinander, wobei “Bitcoin” deutlich häufiger gesucht wird.

07.09.2019 - 22:39

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