BINANCE CRYPTO RESEARCH REPORT – BAND PROTOCOL (BAND) Data governance framework for Web 3.0 applications

Band Protocol („Band“) uses a unique delegated proof of stake mechanism to elect oracle data providers who report data onto the blockchain, making it ready to be queried by dApps and smart contracts.

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24.09.2019 - 21:24


Following our recent report on tokenization, we (the Binance Research team) decided to start developing a standard framework to evaluate blockchain-based tokens.

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24.09.2019 - 21:54

BINANCE CRYPTO RESEARCH REPORT – DeFi Series #2 – Arbitrage and Carry Trade Strategies

Exploring carry trade and arbitrage strategies with Ethereum-based DeFi

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24.09.2019 - 21:23

Melchionda Networks Telos Coin interview part 1 with CEO Pascal Papara

Melchionda Network is making a three-part interview about Telos Coin, and part 1 is already out.

24.09.2019 - 21:13

New Use Case: now accepts Telos for payment.

From now on, when you wish to use to host one of your Master Nodes of any coin they are supporting hosting for, you can pay it using Telos.

24.09.2019 - 21:43

Evonodes added Telos to their shared pool options

Evonodes concentrates on a shared pool system. Idea is, if you would like to have 100k Telos node, but you don’t have that much Telos, you can join the Evonodes shared Telos pool to get at least a share of one.

24.09.2019 - 21:27

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